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Bria·Tea FAQs

Read up on some common FAQs submitted to us from our loyal Bria•Tea customers. Feel free to contact us with questions of your own.
Does Bria•Tea Come in Tea Pouches?
Bria•Tea is a loose leaf, all natural tea. We do not use tea pouches so a steeper is recommended.
How do I brew Bria•Tea?
To brew Bria•Tea follow these steps:
  1. Bring 8 oz of water to a low boil (175° F)
  2. Add 2 teaspoons of tea to infuser or into cup
  3. Steep for 5 min. Remove infuser/strain and enjoy
*You may add a small amount of honey, or stevia for sweetness if desired.
When should I drink my Bria•Tea?
Bria t•TOX is caffeine free and expertly formulated to gently cleanse and purify the body. The urge to eliminate may occur so best consumed in the evening, 1-2 hours after your last meal on an empty stomach.

Bria t•TRIM is a stimulating herbal blend with yerba mate and sencha green tea to help metabolize food and suppress appetite. Best consumed in the morning or afternoon to avoid difficulty sleeping.
How often should I drink Bria•Tea?
Bria t•TRIM is designed to be an everyday tea. For the best results stay consistent and drink t•TRIM every morning/afternoon. This will more effectively helps stabilize your metabolism and keep your appetite down.

Bria t•TOX is designed to be a 1 month detox program. Drink t•TOX every night before bed for 28-30 consecutive days. To keep your body pure and toxin free repeat this cycle every 3 months (1 month on, 2 months off).
Where does Bria•Tea ship to?
Bria•Tea ships worldwide! There’s nowhere we won’t ship to. For special or abnormal addresses be sure to leave a note for us at check out.
How much is shipping?
Shipping costs for Bria•Tea, like anything else, depends on where it is being shipped. For all U.S. orders shipping will be a flat rate cost of $6.99. For international orders shipping varies between $24.99 - $34.99.
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